Our Story

Seven years ago my son and I were fishing for crappie with several national brand crappie baits. After One or two crappie, the bait was torn up so we had to put  a new bait on. It did not take long to run through a whole bag of baits requiring us to go back to the store and spend more Money!. Frustrated, I said there has to be a better way.

What if I could make a bait with good action but tough as nails? I had already self taught my self how to make run of the mill plastic baits using public molds. While talking to my granddaughter on day she said "G-Daddy will you make me some baits?" The light bulb went on and I now had a name for the business, "G-Daddy Baits".

I designed a bait with a thick body and two tails with balls on the end of the tails for great action and water displacement and had custom bait and tail molds made. The Crappie Shad bait style was born. Next, after using some manufactures "tough" plastic raw material, my frustration grew again. It was barely tougher than the baits I had bought at the store. I sought out a plastic manufacturer and convinced them of my idea to have a plastic as tough as nails made. They said, but Frank, no one does that and no one will buy a bait that tough.

So we began experimenting with small batches of tougher and tougher plastic until we hit the sweet spot. Now I had a plastic that would not slide down the hook shaft and would catch multiple limits of crappie showing little wear and TEAR!. The idea was , while they cost a little more than the national brands, they would be cheaper in the long run because they would out last bags of the the national brands. The savings would stay in the customers wallet!

So here we are having fun, making memories as fast as we can and seeing smiles in the photos of customers, their children and grandchildren catching crappie on G-Daddy Baits. Tight lines!